Hopkins Hearing Health strives to provide our patients with the best care, which is why we are excited to announce that we offer cognitive screenings with Cognivue Thrive!

How does it work?

Cognivue Thrive uses FDA-cleared technology to assess cognitive function, which is commonly used by neurologists. As part of your free hearing evaluation, we conduct a cognitive screening to understand how hearing loss may affect your cognition and track your progress after your fitting.

What is the process?

Cognivue Thrive helps us to examine our cognitive health in detail, looking at memory, visuospatial and executive function – all fundamental elements of performance regardless of age. Otherwise known as reaction time and speed processing, the capability to measure two additional speed performance parameters is central to quickly recognizing any deficiencies, so we can start taking purposeful action to improve lives. With this analysis, also comes the ability for us to track progress over time, thus enabling our patients to stay on track with their progressions.

What’s the next step?

Learn more about Cognivue Thrive by contacting Hopkins Hearing Health today!