Phonak Serenity Choice

There are two types of Serenity earplugs, the Phonak Serenity Choice™ generic hearing protection for occasional use and the Phonak Serenity Choice™ Plus custom hearing protection for frequent use. From musicians to hunters, even piolets, there are a range of models to suit many cases. Give us a call or book an appointment online to see what options are available to you.

Serenity Choice™ are high-end hearing protection solutions designed to reduce noise and loud sounds while allowing the ear to breathe and keeping relevant sound and speech.

Made for:

  • People who want to prevent hearing loss cause by loud sounds

  • People who want to improve comfort by blocking out environmental sounds

The importance of hearing protection

Loud sounds or excessive noise exposure for any length of time, long or short, causes fatigue to your ear’s sensory hair cells. This can cause temporary hearing loss or tinnitus. When the volume is above safe limits, it can lead to permanent damage of the sensory cells and other nearby structures, causing irreversible hearing loss. Additionally, prolonged, and continuous exposure will cause progressive hearing loss, ultimately affecting your speech understanding which results in a negative impact on your quality of life.1

The benefits of Serenity Choice earplugs

  • Reduces noise and loud sounds from 8 to 22 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) in the U.S. or 15 to 30 Single Number Rating (SNR) in Europe
  • Keeps relevant sound and speech which allows situational awareness and communication
  • Allows the ear to breathe by ventilating the ear to prevent a build-up of excess moisture

Other Custom Earmolds & Ear Plugs

Hearing Protection For Racing Teams And Pilots, Shooters and Musicians…A Hearing Protection Solution For Everyone!!

Whether you’re in the woods, at the range or on the factory floor, hearing clearly is key to your success and safety. Yet the competing need to protect your hearing from the damaging sound of gun blasts, power tools and loud musical instruments creates a unique noise management challenge. SoundGear solves that challenge, and The Hearing Aid Center is excited to introduce this new advancement in hearing protection.

High-Definition Sound Enhancement & Automatic Noise Suppression

SoundGear represents the latest advancements in electronic hearing protection. This unique family of 100 percent digital products enhances environmental awareness while also protecting your hearing from loud noises like gun blasts and engines.

Made by Starkey Hearing Technologies — America’s premier provider of hearing solutions — SoundGear instruments feature advanced digital technology capable of enhancing sound eight times over traditional hearing protection products. At the same time, it uses seamless sound activated compression to trigger instant and automatic suppression of loud impulse and continuous noises.

Hunters & Shooters

It’s the ideal solution to protect your hearing from muzzle blasts, while helping you hear clearly to optimize communication, success and safety in the woods or on the range.

Industrial Workers

SoundGear protects your hearing from the noise of power tools, engines and other industrial machines, while optimizing hearing to enable better communication, performance and safety on-site,in the shop or on the factory floor.

Military Personnel & Police Officers

Law enforcement officials, tactical teams and more use SoundGear to protect their ears from muzzle blasts and explosives, while enabling digital sound enhancement to optimize awareness at all times in a simulator, on the range or live fire environment.

Soundgear Features

  • Dynamic digital protection for your ears
  • High-definition sound reproduction
  • Up to eight times sound enhancement over traditional hearing protection products
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) between 24dB and 26dB depending on model
  • Seamless sound-activated compression automatically suppresses noises
  • over 95dB in our recreational model
  • over 80dB in our industrial model
  • All-day, easy-to-wear comfort

SoundGear is NOW available in three different styles.

Instant Fit In-The-Canal

SoundGear In-the-Canal is the smallest and lightest dynamic digital hearing protection product on the market. It’s ideal for the hunter or shooter looking for an edge — or industrial workers looking for all-day comfort. Ready to wear right out of the box, it rests discreetly inside your ear to deliver natural wind reduction and superior sound quality.


SoundGear Behind-the-Ear (BTE) is ideal for the budget conscious consumer who still wants the benefits of digital hearing protection. This versatile style provides wearers with hearing protection and enhancement at a more affordable price. Available in two technology levels, it is a great starter solution for just about anyone.


SoundGear Custom products are for those who refuse to compromise when it comes to performance and personalization. Each pair is digitally customized to the wearer’s ears, and features the most advanced electronic hearing protection and enhancement technology on the market.